12th Armored Division
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National Archive Photos of the 12th and Other 7th Army Troops
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  201855.jpg  - Liberated French laborers
  201886.jpg  - Infantrymen advance through Cologne
  202470.jpg  - The second Bailey Bridge
  203206.jpg  - American tank bypasses a burning German town
  203817.jpg  - Rubble covered street
  203864.jpg  - 493rd Field Artillery Bn moves through Dinkelsbuhl, Germany
  203894.jpg  - M-5 tank machine guns sniper position
  204106.jpg  - Assault on Gemuenden, Germany
  204107.jpg  - Assault on Gemuenden, Germany
  204111.jpg  - Assault on Gemuenden, Germany
  204185.jpg  - American tanks fire on snipers
  204643.jpg  - Three dead German SS troopers
  204959.jpg  - Loudspeaker-equipped M-5 tank
  205612.jpg  - Bodies of dead slave laborers
  205616.jpg  - Maj. Gen. Alfred Petry
  205617.jpg  - A soldier looks over two dead SS soldiers
  206015.jpg  - American troops cross a river
  206017.jpg  - Lt. Col. Edward F. Seiler and others
  206018.jpg  - People carrying cloth material
  207173.jpg  - Hitler Youth surrender
  207426.jpg  - Freed Russian laborers loot Gutersloh, Germany
  207470.jpg  - 13-year-old German soldier
  207729.jpg  - Landsberg Atrocity
  207730.jpg  - Landsberg Atrocity
  207496.jpg  - Snow-covered bodies of dead soldiers
  207740.jpg  - U.S. tanks line up in a street in Munich
  208731.jpg  - U.S. Generals touring Berlin ruins
  208740.jpg  - Carlos Aguilar's orchestra performs for the 44th Tank Bn
  286453.jpg  - Journalists visiting Hitler's personal bunker
  324529.jpg  - Bridging in combat
  324530.jpg  - Dillingen bridge
  324536.jpg  - A new Bailey bridge spans the Danube
  335303.jpg  - U.S. Infantry in Konigshofen, Germany
  335305.jpg  - Tank-supported infantry move down a street
  335312.jpg  - Destruction in town of Lampoldshausen, Germany
  335314.jpg  - Tanks of 9th Armored Division in Kollindia, Germany
  335335.jpg  - Seventh Army vehicles in Lauingen, Germany
  335338.jpg  - German civilians rounded up
  335339.jpg  - Airborne troops patrol small town
  335504.jpg  - Anti-aircraft guns on the Lech river
  335505.jpg  - Captured train carrying railroad guns
  336322.jpg  - Half-track enters town of Neustadt
  336323.jpg  - U.S. machine guns guard city hall of Neustadt
  352214.jpg  - German prisoners captured at Hanweiler, Germany
  352215.jpg - German prisoners taken at Gunzburg
  421366.jpg  - Knocked out German tank
  421382.jpg  - U.S. tanks crest a hill in enemy territory
  421386.jpg  - Armor and infantrymen move into Braunschweiger
  421388.jpg  - Stopping for a break
  421392.jpg  - Infantry mounted on tanks move toward Bubenorbis