12th Armored Division
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National Archive Photos of the 12th and Other 7th Army Troops
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  197554.jpg  - Wounded U.S. soldier loaded onto a half track
  203953.jpg  - Lithograph of German troops
  203962.jpg  - "Soldier with full pack aims pistol" lithograph
  203988.jpg  - Brigadier General Riley F. Ennis
  204097.jpg  - Tanks advance through Nuenster, Germany
  204100.jpg  - Landscape of Goblents, Germany
  204108.jpg  - Assault on Gemunden, Germany
  204186.jpg  - Site of mass burning of 250 slave laborers
  204187.jpg  - A downed P-47 Thunderbolt
  204644.jpg  - Three German prisoners
  207748.jpg  - U.S. Counter-Intelligence team examine Nazi victims
  335433.jpg  - A gun position is set up on the French border
  336310.jpg  - Infantrymen arrive at the German town of Nassig
  336311.jpg  - Fight for Nassig, Germany