12th Armored Division
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National Archive Photos of the 12th and Other 7th Army Troops
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  197584.jpg  - Yank Tank in Haguenau, France
  197804.jpg  - Medics wheeling out wounded
  197822.jpg  - Inspecting two German tanks
  198779.jpg  - Wounded American helped into ambulance
  200029.jpg  - Flooded mine field
  200030.jpg  - Eight German prisoners
  200031.jpg  - Tank destroyers in Rohrwiller, France
  200034.jpg  - Engineers in dugouts on ridge
  200043.jpg  - Reacquired Sherman tank
  200078.jpg  - Nuns watching Yank troops
  200082.jpg  - German prisoner posing for photograph
  200083.jpg  - Tank on guard duty
  200250.jpg  - Assembling for victory parade
  200255.jpg  - 155 mm. self-propelled gun
  200664.jpg  - Pfc. Roland B. McAllister
  200670.jpg  - Two M-32 tank retrievers in mud
  203265.jpg  - German civilians return to their homes
  203837.jpg  - U.S. Patrol moving into Hamm, Germany
  204146.jpg  - Tanks and infantry fight into Hanover
  204900.jpg  - Woman among Nazi prisoners
  204930.jpg  - Gen. Roderick R. Allen
  204952.jpg  - American troop freed from German P.O.W. camp
  205021.jpg  - Over 200 dead Russian officers and P.O.W.s
  227748.jpg  - Tunnel at Flossenburg Concentration Camp
  352212.jpg  - German soldiers surrendering near the Saar river
  352213.jpg  - German soldiers surrendering near the Saar river