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Atrocities of Lansburg Concentration Camp Robert J. Hartwig
Photos from 134 AOB 12th A.D. Don Hering


152nd Armored Signal Company


From a Halftrack and a Piano Bench! Marvin Bertelson
The Pictorial History of the 493rd Armored field Artillery Battalion Dale Miller
The Tank Story


494th "A" A Battery Goes Overseas
494th "A" Battle History
494th "A" Battle History Training
Ken Bradstreet Papers Ken Bradstreet


The 495th Lt. Clinton E. Seitz


Story of the Helltracks - Combat History of the 572nd Anti-aircraft artillery
Strafing and Liberation - Rescued Holocaust Experience J. Hausner


Rice - Recollections Combat Medic Bernard L. Rice
That Men Might Live Paul R. Hawley


Squadron History: 92nd Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron (Mechanized)
Trier to the Rhine-Military Monograph William V. Finn


…a good day's work Command Sgt. Major James H. Clifford
12th Armored Division Association 25th Anniversary 1947-1972 Leonard P. Dooley
12th Armored Division History Book - Vol One
12th Armored Division History Book - Vol Two
12th Armored Division History Book 1942 - 1945
12th Armored Division Operations in France in January 1945
A Camera Trip Though Camp Barkeley Texas
A.S.T.P in the 12th Armored Division Washburn
Indescribable Horror Julien D. Saks
Lisa P timeline Lise Pommois
Museum Story George Hatt, Jr
Speed is the Password
The History of the Jerry Can and How It Won the War / The Little Can That Could
Trier to the Rhine-Military Monograph William V. Finn
World War II Magazine



WWII Combat Memoirs John P. Parkison



17th Armored Infantry Battalion Historical Information Compiled by: F. George Hatt, Jr.
A Prisoner in World War II Russell Rasmussen
Herman Joseph Ernspiker 17th C Sgt. Herman Ernspiker
Herrlisheim Story George Hatt, Jr
Journal of Operations of 17th AIB
Memories of Captain Carl J. Helton Carl J. Helton
Million Dollar Wound: The Life and Times of Luke Escala Zilles Kurt Zilles (son of Luke Zilles)
Mount Up - The History of Company C
Our Dad, An American Hero, Our Hero - Clayton Compher
Rescues Wounded Fighter Pilot Edward Naszak
Twenty-Three Long Days and Nights Warren Mane
War: 12th Armored Division Fighting in Europe in WWII Homer F. Petross
World War II Experiences of Carl J. Lyons Carl J. Lyons


56th Armored Infantry Battalion John M. Nugent
From Pesky Blisters to Total Bliss A. Edward Pierce
History of the 56th Armored Infantry Battalion S Sgt Einar J. Lapic & Dr. Don Hale
I’m Not There Yet. I’m Still Here. A. Edward Pierce
Initial Assault on Herrlisheim by the 56th AIB and 714th
It Was a Gigantic Salary Increase A. Edward Pierce
Let It Be Known to All, I Served With the Varsity A. Edward Pierce
Marvel Rowland B 56, Memoir Marvel B. Rowlan
Marvel Rowland Collection
Nightmare in Herrlisheim Dale Miller
Oh Yes, It Was A Gas A. Edward Pierce
One of the Nicest and More Appreciated Gifts I Ever Received Received A. Edward Pierce
Reminiscences Of The Big One A. Edward Pierce
Reminiscences Of The Big One (More) A. Edward Pierce
The Three Old Barts A. Edward Pierce
Visit the website of John C. Crews
Who Did What Dale F. Miller


66th Reunions
A Soldier's Story Bob Kampling
C-66 A WWII Chronicle of an Armored Infantry Company Weston Lewis Emery
GI never expected to see his old duffel bag again - Hoeweler Cliff Radel, The Enquirer
History of German Saw-Dust Bread POW Charles (Carl) D. Beattie, C-66
Members Experiences- C66
My Story as a Soldier Bob Kampling
Story of Thomas T. Perrett (starting December 7, 1941) Thomas T. Perrett
This is 'It', the Real Thing Ward McGill


A Souvenir Booklet For the Officers, Enlisted Men and Civilians who Made History With the third U.S. Army in the European Theater of Operations
American Enterprise in Europe
Archive Pictures Lise Pommois
Cartoons Edward A. Strazdes, 56th AIB
Castle Itter
Destination Berchtesgaden John Turner and Robert Jackson
General Protestant Service
Harvester World
Hellcat Story Part 1 F. George Hatt
Hellcat Story Part 2 F. George Hatt
Listen to my Heart Sing David Monesmith
National Archives Pictures Steve Cohega



A History of The 23rd Tank Battalion
Combat Highlights of the United States 12th Armored Division in the ETO Edited by Owsley C Costlow
Mama and The GI Brad Dessler


Experiences at a Concentration Camp (April 28, 1945) Newton Wolpert
From Bloody Herrlisheim To a Slave Labor Camp James E. Muschell
Unit History of the 43rd Tank Battalion Lt. Col. Scott W. Hall


44th Tank Battalion "Red" Cartier's Journal S/Sgt Ray “Red” Cartier
44th Tank Battalion Historical Records


A Few Days In France (1944-1945) George G. Moss
Coat of Arms and Distinctive Insignia
History of the 12th Armored Division from “Military Magazine” Sept. 2001 David E. Golden
History of the 714th Tank Battalion (through March 1952)
M3 Lee/Grant Jim Mesko
The Military Life of Howard Elwell Myers Howard Elwell Myers

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