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Photos - 494th Armored Field Artillery

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494th Armored Field Artillery,German prisoners came in such a large numbers that the 12th Armored just disarmed them and sent to the rear on their own.  The division captured over 72,000 German prisoners, 1945
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494th Armored Field Artillery, Over 72,000 German prisoners were captured by the 12th Armored Division
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494th Armored Field Artillery GI Stoves_edited
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494th Armored Field Artillery, A Company, Camp Campbell, 1942-1943
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494th Armored Field Artillery, "B Battery, AFAB Camp, Campbell, Ky  1942-1943
group shot 494 b x3_edited.jpg
494th Armored Field Artillery, C Company, Camp Campbell, Ky, 1942-1943
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