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  12th Armored Division Oral History Project
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The 12th Armored Division Oral History Project is a collection of video interviews conducted between the years 1996 and 2009 by Abilene Christian University and the 12th Armored Division Museum Staff. These interviews were recorded at Division reunions and other locations. They are the war time remembrances of men and women who served in the 12th Armored Division, their wives or families and some individuals who spent their war years at Camp Barkley as Military Training personnel or Civilian employees.

You can search the list by clicking on the first letter of the person's last name using the alpha list above or by entering their last name or part of their last name in the text box at the top right. You can sort the list by last name, battalion, or company by clicking on the column headings at the top of the results table. The results are presented in pages of 20 with links at the bottom for navigating to the previous or next page.

Name Battalion Company TRT Notes
Richard Acker 714 C 25:39 -
William L. Adams 56 HQ 28:36 KFAI Radio 90.3 FM, Mpls./St. Paul, VE Day 1995
William E. Anderson 23 A 17.55 -
Chester J. Andrzejczak 56 A 1.08.09 -
Katherine Arenz 493 A 38.05 -
Herbert G. Arenz 493 A 34.53 -
Richard L. Arnold 494 A 40.46 -
Leoda Aten 134 BN HQ 57.46 -
Mark Ault 43 SV 16:11 -

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