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12th Armored Division >> General Discussion >> 43rd TB Shermans at Herrlisheim on Jan 16, 1945
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Author Topic:  43rd TB Shermans at Herrlisheim on Jan 16, 1945
Mike Corcoran
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posted 6/10/2020 9:05:20 PM    Click here to view the profile for Mike Corcoran  Click here to email Mike Corcoran  edit/delete post  Reply w/Quote
Hello Hellcats,

I'm hoping to find the version of Sherman M4 that Lt Hoeg, Lt Craemer and my father, Pvt. Earle Corcoran, perished in on Jan 16. I'm actively modeling US armor and am determined to create as close of a replica of the tanks used by the 43rd, and in particular, the tank these three were fighting in, as possible. I suspect the 43rd was using both M4A3 75 and M4A3 76W models. I believe their tank was out first, and fast, according to some accounts I've heard about. I believe in most cases the lead tank was usually the most effective variant, which would have been the M4A3 76W. This was a HQ Co. tank and if there is any record of the markings of that tank, I would also like to include those on the replica. I understand the tanks were "whitewashed" for the snowy conditions. Is anyone familiar with that scheme. I'm wondering if the upper sections were actually all white, or whether a camo scheme was used. Any information furnished will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks very much,
Mike Corcoran

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posted 6/13/2020 10:20:42 AM    Click here to view the profile for MikeWoldenberg  Click here to email MikeWoldenberg  edit/delete post  Reply w/Quote
Hello Mike, I have asked several unit representatives to contact some veterans to see if they know the answer. This may take a few days.


Bob Scherer
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Some of our knowledgeable folks have responded via email which I have sent to you.

Best of luck!

Bob Scherer

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posted 6/22/2020 9:11:45 AM    Click here to view the profile for Garandomatic  Click here to email Garandomatic  edit/delete post  Reply w/Quote
If it helps...

Somewhere I either read, or maybe Howard Myers told me, that early on, 75mm and 76mm tanks were assigned by company. Maybe that's how it was only in the 714thm though. Howard did recall that his first tank, which would have been knocked out on January 17th, I believe, was a cast hull Sherman with a 75mm gun, making it an M4A1. His later replacement was an M4A3 76mm with wet ammo stowage. Dragon makes a HECK of a model of that exact type of tank and soon I would like to finish a model of his two tanks. Dragon also makes a good early M4A1, but I am inclined to think that the 12th probably had later M4A1s with the late-style gun shield and transmission cover.

I do think that as the war went on, you'd see more and more 76mm tanks, and if the companies truly were segregated by tank type (75mm vs 76mm) like I mentioned, they weren't for very long as commanders sought more 76mm guns to deal with German armor. The 191st (an independent battalion) was a VERY mixed unit. If a tank still could fight, it was kept, but if it was knocked out, you'd see a newer model take its place. I've seen pictures of almost every variant of Sherman in use, right to the end, including the early model M4A3s, possibly the original M4s, right up to the M4A3E8.

There are a number of pictures of Germans driving captured US tanks away from Herrlisheim, and I believe all of the 75mm tanks have cast hulls. THose are good pics for reference, as they show the camo pattern that was applied to the tanks fairly well.