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Author Topic:  Donate items and a trip to Herrlisheim.

posted 2/25/2020 7:52:28 PM  Reply w/Quote
My name is Dave Quist and my dad, Dale Quist, was with the 12th AD during WWII in A/17th. But only briefly, he was captured at Herrlisheim and interned at Stalag 11B until their liberation in April 1945. He was a life-long member of the 12th AD Association and attended numerous reunions before his passing in 2006.

The reason I'm contacting the association is I have some items of his that you might be interested in for the museum and/or archives of the division. Dale was an avid letter writer and it appears every letter he sent to his mother she saved. I have all of those letters. His letters to her start from basic training and continue through his long recuperation in VA hospitals after the war. Along with suffering severe malnutrition in the prison camp he also contracted tuberculosis there. There are also some odds and ends that I'd be happy to donate also. There are several Army issued small bibles and when leaving the Stalag he took some plates and silverware from the German mess. I'll have to drag that box out and look again to see what all is in there.

Also, I don't know if the 'Hellcat News' publication is still mailed out. By now there aren't many of those old soldiers left so possibly it has gone to an 'online' publication if it still is published at all. If there still is something published I have a story I'd be happy to share. A year ago, Feb. 2019, my wife and I visited Herrlisheim. We met with the mayor of the town and were very well received. The 12th AD is still very much in the minds of the locals (the elders anyway) and there is still a memory of what happened there and a reverence for the sacrifices the 12th AD made. It was very interesting for me to see the actual terrain and surrounding towns mentioned in all the battle reports and eye witness accounts.

I see in a recent post to the message board that Bill Funke was mentioned. I believe Bill and Dale were 'bunk mates' at the Stalag.

I certainly want to make a plan to visit the museum in Abilene and hopefully I can make that happen in the near future. I look forward to hearing back from someone. My email is quister53@gmail.com. I had sent an email to the museum curator on the web site but that address was no longer deliverable. Please update me with any information you might have about the association. Sincerely, Dave Quist

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Hi Dave,

My name is Bob Scherer. I'm the historian for the Association as well as a member of the Museum Board. Yes, the Hellcat News is alive and well and better than ever. In fact it was awarded the APEX Award for Publication Excellence in 2018.I'd be very interested in sharing information about your trip with the readership and I'll also let the curator of the Museum know that you have Division history to donate. Thank you so much for remembering us. You're more that welcome to join the Association and catch up. We are having our 74th Reunion in New Orleans in July this summer in the new Higgins Hotel adjacent to the National WWII Museum if you have time. I'll email you and we can go from there.