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12th Armored Division >> General Discussion >> Looking for any information or pictures on my Grandfather's service with the 12th AR Div.
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Author Topic:  Looking for any information or pictures on my Grandfather's service with the 12th AR Div.

posted 5/7/2018 5:14:36 PM  Reply w/Quote
My grandfather;
SGT Arturo P. Martinez' he is listed within your registry to have served in the 12th Division Headquarters C B. His document history were affected by the Personnel Records 1973 fire. We have a tattered copy of his discharge paperwork. Would love to get more detail on his service (two bronze stars Rhineland/Central Europe) and possibly how he earned the Purple Heart.
Thank you,
LTC(P) Carlos I. Martinez (Grandson)
Regional Counternarcotics Programs
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NIPR: carlos.i.martinez.mil@mail.mil

Bob Scherer
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posted 5/7/2018 9:34:04 PM    Click here to view the profile for Bob Scherer  Click here to email Bob Scherer  edit/delete post  Reply w/Quote
Thanks for honoring your grandfather by trying to learn more about his service. Thanks also for continuing your family's tradition. I've searched the Hellcat News, our monthly publication that has been produced since the war and unfortunately found no mention of your grandfather. But that's not unusual. We have no "Books or Written Experiences" on Combat Command B. However the two major maneuver elements of CCB were the 56th Armored Infantry Bn and the 714th Tank Bn. You can get a flavor for what was happening in CCB by reading some of them. (see column at left) I wish you had written two months ago. I just returned from the National Personnel Records Center in St Louis. I could have seen what, if anything remained of your grandfather's file. They have been doing reconstruction on files and have assembled some documents. Can you scan to discharge papers you have an email them to me? If I can see them I may be better able to help you. As far as determining the history of Arturo's Purple Heart, it will be difficult. The PH orders were almost always cut at the medical facility where the Soldier was treated. My father's came from a general hospital in France, not from the 12th AD. When the fire hit ARPERCEN in 1973 some finance and medical records were not stored with the OPMF and survived. I checked 86 OMPF in April and much of what I found was those types of documents. If you order them from the NPRC they'll cost you $70.00. You may get very little or you may get lucky. If you go there you can get them for free. Please email his discharge...or what you have of it to: rwscherer@verizon.net - I will do what I can.
Bob Scherer, 12th AD Assn Historian


posted 5/8/2018 9:23:30 AM  Reply w/Quote
Mr. Scherer,
Sir- thank you for the prompt reply. I will email you all the information we have.
Appreciate you and this incredible forum-

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posted 5/9/2018 10:25:15 AM    Click here to view the profile for MikeWoldenberg  Click here to email MikeWoldenberg  edit/delete post  Reply w/Quote
Please check out the address below. It is
all one address, so copy the whole thing and put it into the Google Search box.


This is the December 1945 Unit History for
Combat Command B. Among other things, it says your grandfather received the Purple Heart that month!