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Author Topic:  GLEN TURPIN

posted 5/1/2017 9:17:17 AM  Reply w/Quote
Looking for information on my uncle. He was captured in the winter of 1944/1945 and released from a camp in May 1945. I believe he was in Alsace.

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posted 5/1/2017 5:40:39 PM    Click here to view the profile for MikeWoldenberg  Click here to email MikeWoldenberg  edit/delete post  Reply w/Quote
Hello, Glen Turpin was in the 56th, and I am unable to find his company. He was probably captured in the fighting near Herrlisheim north of Strasbourg between January 8- 26? or in the fighting near
Colmar, Feb. 3-5 or so. But this is guess work,
since most of the men from the 56th who were
prisoners were captured during that time. I can not trace him from our records. He is not listed as a POW, but this could be a clerical error. If he was in Company B, there were several men missing, but
none were recorded as POWs. This was anomalous.
It may be that the records in the National Archives in St. Louis will have the answer. You need to look
in the Morning Reports for the 56th Armored Infantry Battalion. You have to contact the Archives in advance so they can find these records for you:
DECember through April. The highest probability of success would be in January, followed by February, and December.


posted 5/1/2017 9:03:05 PM  Reply w/Quote
Thank you, yes he is listed in the veterans archives as being POW entering camp on January 17.

I am looking into what company he might have been or if there is anyone that may of known him or remember him.

Possibly anyone that remembers. He came home in May 1945.

I thank you very much for the help, it's very much appreciated it.

Bob Scherer
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posted 5/2/2017 10:56:46 PM    Click here to view the profile for Bob Scherer  Click here to email Bob Scherer  edit/delete post  Reply w/Quote
Hello. I have a few things to add to what Mike sent you. It looks like your uncle, Private First Class Glen L. Turpin, Serial Number 39204354,was an Infantryman in the 56th Armored Infantry Battalion. He was reported captured on 17 January 1945 in France and detained by Germany. I'm assuming as a result of the fighting in Herrlisheim. The latest date of the report I found was 9 June 1945. The report doesn't specify what "Latest Date" means. His status is listed as Returned to Military Control, which means liberated. He was detained in Stalag 5A Malschbach Ludwigsburg Wurtemberg 49-09. It is located in central Germany. The National Archives has records for 1,789 Allied prisoners held here, 1,779 of whom were liberated, and 10 of whom did not survive their captivity. Glen was lucky to get to that camp. I'll try to find more information when I can.
Bob Scherer