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12th Armored Division >> General Discussion >> Maynard P. Fonger 56th Armored Infantry Battalion Killed in France???
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Author Topic:  Maynard P. Fonger 56th Armored Infantry Battalion Killed in France???

posted 1/18/2005 1:36:33 AM  Reply w/Quote
My fathers brother, Maynard P. Fonger was in the 56th Armored Infantry Battalion & killed in action Jan.9, 1945, they say in the Battle of the Buldge. Would like to know for sure where he was killed and in what battle. Can anyone help me with this, or point me in the right direction to look for the answer. Thanks Cindy

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posted 1/24/2005 2:26:33 PM    Click here to view the profile for Ken  Click here to email Ken  edit/delete post  Reply w/Quote
Hi Cindy,

I am a Legacy Member of the 12th Armored Division Association.

The WW2 Memorial website lists Maynard P. Fonger in two places. The first place was listed by Jerald Fonger, bother and shows Maynard as KIA 2/2/45 in Herrlissheim, France.

The Battle of The Bulge veteran’s website http://www.battleofthebulge.org does not list the 12th Armored Division as one of armored divisions which was part of this battle. You can also find the dates of this battle plus the area it encompassed, Belgium and France. Herrlissheim is located south and east of Belgium, on the French / German boarder.

I am not a historian, but everything I have read about the 12th AD, I do not remember any mention of the 12th AD being in the Battle of the Bulge.

To obtain exact location of Maynard’s death, a description of his wounds, personal effects, and various correspondence to the family you would have to write to the, Department of The Army, U.S. Army Human Resources Command, 200 Stoval St., Alexandria, VA 22332-0400 requesting, under the Freedom of Information Act, a copy of the Individual Deceased Personnel File (IDPF). You will have to declare in writing that you are a next of kin.

If you decide to do this and need more how to info please email me direct at, kbk@conknet.com.


Ken Klinedinst


posted 1/25/2005 10:32:27 PM  Reply w/Quote
Dear Cindy,
Like Ken, I am a second generation member. Maynard Fonger was almost certainly killed at Herrlisheim, in France, near the Rhine River. The 56th Armored Infantry Battalion
was fighting in Herrlisheim and in the
Waterworks (La Breymuhl) just to the north of the town. On January 9th, 7 men were killed and 25 were wounded. This was a very tough day for the 56th. The 12th Armored
Division was badly outnumbered and took heavy losses over a period of about 10 days.

It is easy to confuse the battle at Herrlisheim with the Battle of the Bulge.
Fighting at Herrlisheim took place while the Bulge was still being fought. The battle at Herrlisheim was south of the Bulge, but not that far away. There are extensive reports about Herrlisheim. I can make a copy.
Mike Woldenberg


posted 1/26/2005 12:49:35 PM  Reply w/Quote
Dear Cindi, One more thing: The Herrlisheim
I wrote about is near Strassbourg. (There is another Herrlisheim near Colmar).


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posted 1/27/2005 4:11:01 PM    Click here to view the profile for MikeWoldenberg  Click here to email MikeWoldenberg  edit/delete post  Reply w/Quote
Dear Cindy, Sorry to be so scattered in my replies. If you want to find more about the battle of Herrlisheim, see the "BOOKS AND WRITTEN EXPERIENCES" on this website.
See especially "12th Armored Division Operations in France....."

"Combat Highlights....."

See especially: "Initial Assault on Herrlisheim..."

and "Nightmare in Herrlisheim"

and "Death of an American Combat Command"

Also, get hold of a book by Brendan Phibbs:
"The Other Side of Time." This was republished as: "Our War for the World:..."
This was republished about two years ago and may still be available to purchase on the
Web. The cost should be about 12 dollars,
paperback. This book has a good chapter on Herrlisheim, but it is a book about soldiers as much as a military history.


posted 1/29/2005 3:10:07 PM  Reply w/Quote
Dear Cindy, Mike Woldenberg again, but this
time I have the answer to your question!
Click on "Books and Written Experiences."
Click on
"Initial Assault on Herrlisheim by the
56th Armored Infantry Battalion and the
714th Tank Battalion of the 12th Armored

On page 34, there is a narrative that takes
place on the 9th of January, 1945.

Near the bottom of the page: "...They were sniped at from one of the buildings (Y-M), and Private First Class Maynard P. Fonger, radio operator, was killed...."

This book will give you a very complete idea of what took place during the period from
the 8-11 of January, 1945.


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posted 2/3/2005 11:26:36 AM    Click here to view the profile for Ken  Click here to email Ken  edit/delete post  Reply w/Quote
Good work Mike
It does not hurt to team and get the answers.




posted 1/16/2010 12:10:22 AM  Reply w/Quote
One reason the Herrlisheim battle is confused with the Battle of the Bulge is that the Soldiers who were there connected them.

I was also confused -- my father had mentioned being in the battle of the bulge and 'battle of the bulge south'

The German attacks south of the actual 'bulge' penetration were a coordinated part of the overall offensive. The southern attacks - of which Herrlisheim was part - were part of a corp 'fixing' attack designed to keep the US forces stationed there from re-inforcing those in the ardennes.

Paul Rivette
son of Albert P. Rivette, HQ, 56th AIB