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Author Topic:  How to contact veterans who knew your relative in the 12th Armored Division.
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I have prepared the following guide.

Subject: How to Find People from the 12th Armored (June 1, 2004)
From: Mike Woldenberg. geomike@buffalo.edu

The best source of information is a printed Roster. The last Roster was published in 2003 and given to Members of the 12th Armored Division Association. The great thing about the Roster is that all the names are listed twice: once in an alphabetical listing and again in the soldier?s Battalion and Company. The first step in using the Roster is to consult the second section which contains the alphabetical listing with the name and the person?s Battalion and Company. The next step is to look up the Battalion and Company in the first part of the Roster where all the members of that unit are given. In this section each veteran?s name is followed by his wife's name and address and phone number.

You may want to join the Association. Membership will include a monthly copy of the Hellcat News. Contact Bob Von Esch, Jr., 810 E. Commonwealth,
Fullerton, CA 92831. (Annual Dues $15.00; Lifetime Membership Dues
($125.00) Make out checks to: 12th Armored Division Association. Mail to Bob Von
Esch. If no more Rosters are available, you can get by with just the pages for the relevant Battalion. If I am not overwhelmed, I can help. Otherwise, contact your Unit Representative. (See below).


THE DIVISION WEBSITE: 12tharmoreddivision.com

This contains another Roster which is not too old. It is arranged alphabetically. This makes it very difficult to find all members of the same battalion and company.

THE MUSEUM WEBSITE: 12tharmoredmuseum.org
contains several resources.

1) "17,000 Members" This is an old Roster, and I think it contains
addresses that were current during World War 2. The Battalion and
Company are given. You can use this to find a person's unit, and this
will help you contact members of that unit by writing or calling the
Unit Representative. (See below). Unfortunately the names belonging to each
unit are not collected together.

2) "Killed in Action (KIA)". This contains the names and battalions of
the men who were killed in action. The companies are not given.

3) "12th Armored Division Association." This Roster appears to be very up
to date. The names are arranged alphabetically. Addresses and phone
numbers are given. There is a major problem with this Roster: The Company is
given, but not the Battalion! The Company information is not helpful without the Battalion information. I will contact the Division and ask them to make the corrections. The data may come from the new published Roster. If so, I think they should present the whole Roster on the web, including all Battalion and Company information in the alphabetical listing and a section organized by Battalion and Company.

It would also be nice to know which names are family members or otherwise
connected to the names of the original soldiers.

4) "Prisoners of War". This list, arranged by Battalion, may not be
complete. For instance, I was surprised that no names from the 56th AIB were included.


Another excellent source of information may be the readership of the monthly Hellcat News. If you contact the Unit (Battalion) Representative, you might ask that person to put a notice in the Hellcat News.

Here is how to contact these people:

Editor in Chief: Frank Barndollar 37 Fox Circle, Keene, NH 03431.
Phone: (603) 352 3388.

Division Headquarters Units: Herbert Luzader, 10661 Highland Drive, Indianapolis IN 46280. Phone: (317) 846-8789.

17 th Armored Infantry Battalion: Bill Funke, 1312 Alford Street, Fort Collins, CO 80524. Phone: (970) 482 0255

23d Tank Battalion: James Feezel, 2804 Wayne Drive, S.E., Decatur, AL 35603.
Phone: (256) 355-6421

43d Tank Battalion: Mark Ault, 4803 Brookhaven Drive, Kokomo, IN 46901,
Phone: (765) 459-5245.

44 th Tank Battalion: John Hencke, 201 Poinsettia, Highlands, TX 77562.
Phone: (281) 426-4482.

56 th Armored Infantry Battalion: Frank Barndollar 37 Fox Circle, Keene, NH 03431, phone (603) 352 3388.

66 th Armored Infantry Battalion: George O?Bryan, 1016 Monroe, Red Bud, IL 62278.
Phone: (618) 282-6079.

82 nd Armored Medical Battalion: Max S. Eaglefield, 16 Jason Lane, Mamaroneck, NY 10543. Phone: (914) 834 0460.

92 nd Cavalry Recon (Mecz): A.B. ?Charlie? Comingore, 2203 Harper Street, Newberry, SC 29108. Phone: (803) 276 1065. Alternate Representative: Robert Payne, 1014 Circle Drive, Eldersburg, MD 21784. Phone: (410) 549 2748.

119 th Armored Engineer Battalion: Julie Turvay, 5214 Dumfries Dr. Houston, TX 77096. Phone: (713) 723 6706. cell 724 4957 (same area code?)

134 th Armored Ordnance Battalion: Donald J. Hering, 1029 Guthrie Road #2, Waukesha WI 53186. Phone: (262) 547 0610.

152 nd Armored Signal Company: Bill Velasquez, 1251 Floyd Road, Columbus, GA 31907. Phone: (706) 561 1082.

493 rd Armored Field Artillery: Jesse E. Rollin, 1078 Park Ave. Ext., P.O. Box 385, Clearfield, PA 16830. Phone: (814) 765 5634.

494 th Armored Field Artillery: Ted N. Glogovac, 5847 Falon Way, San Jose, CA 95123. Phone: (408) 226- 3114.

495 th Armored Field Artillery: Lee Colbath, 108 Leroy Ave. Darien, CT 06820-3409.
Phone: (203) 655 2439.

714 th Tank Battalion: Alice Tankesley, 2410 Semmes Ave., Richmond, VA 23225.
Phone: (804) 231 7210.

Note: Some small subunits may be missing from this list. Please contact the Editor, Frank Barndollar.

AUDIO AND VISUAL TAPES: Suppose you have a relative who fought with the 12th Armored Division, and you are trying to find out some of the things he might have experienced. If you know his Battalion and Company, you might find the information you seek from audio and video interviews of men from these units. These tapes are wonderful historical documents. A list of the tapes can be found at the following web site:


One approach is to go through this list to find men from the same unit as your relative. You can order these tapes from John Ferguson who is the Museum Director. I ordered tapes at a price of $18.00 including postage. You might want to include a contribution to the Museum. The address of the Museum is:

Mr. John Ferguson
12th Armored Division
1289 North Second Street
Abilene, Texas 79601

John?s phone number is 325-677-6515. His email address is:


NOTE: I think that Professor Williams of Abilene Christian University is not distributing the interview tapes any longer.