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Author Topic:  Battle of Herrlisheim
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posted 4/16/2006 4:53:26 PM    Click here to view the profile for eric  Reply w/Quote
hello i'm a teenager who lives in herrlisheim and i'm very interested in the second world war in my town and my grandfather too because he was 15 in 1945 so i'would ask you if you had more photos or informations about herrlisheim it's very important for me, because i'm always reading books which are talking about my town in 1939-45 or searching informatios in the web about herrlisheim i want to know what happends . I hope you'll help me . Thanks in advance.(sorry but i can't speak english very well!!!)


posted 1/25/2007 4:00:36 PM  Reply w/Quote
Hello I don't know if you are still on this site but my father was with the 2nd battalion of the 143rd regiment of the 36th ID Co.G who fought at Herrlisheim.
The 12th armored was fighting here and the 36th ID was pulled in at night to bolster them against the coming german attack.
I've heard of this story since i was a boy...my dad passed away on Nov 26-06 if you'd like to contact me my address is: wjakel@earthlink.net


posted 1/4/2008 8:33:47 PM  Reply w/Quote
The American attack on Herrlisheim began on 8 Jan 1945 and continued over the next week. By the 20th 188 Americans were killed in action, 626 were wounded, and 545 were missing. The initial assualt was repelled by experienced German troops. American intelligence underestimated the enemy's stronghold in Herrlisheim. Outnumbered American troops retreated to 'the Waterworks' and a number of wounded were successfully evacuated.

The battlefield today is mostly as it was then with the exception of a highway built since the war. The partially destroyed Waterworks is still standing. The eldest neighbors in the house next to it still remember the battle.

It is difficult to understand the loss of American lives in this location when it was certain Germany would be defeated months later. My Uncle Gale, 1st platoon B/56th, lost his life in Herrlisheim...attempting to preserve Alsace for the French. Prime minister Churchill overruled Eisenhower on behalf of DeGaulle because of his concern that France might become communist after the war. As so often happens, family members die for geopolitical reasons beyond their understanding at the time.

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Hello Eric,
My father was wounded during the battle of Herrlisheim.
I will be traveling there this March around the 20th -26 2008
I would love to meet you and learn what you know and share with you what I know about my father's experience. Feel free to email me at jdparrishart@gmail.com I hope to hear from you soon.