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Author Topic:  HQ CO 17TH ARMD INF Bn " William Joesph Strutz"
Jim Strutz
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posted 2/27/2006 4:28:00 PM    Click here to view the profile for Jim Strutz  Click here to email Jim Strutz  edit/delete post  Reply w/Quote
My Dad died in 1985,he took his Basic at Fort SNelling,Mn.He Fought in Rhineland and Central Europe. He was also an ANTI TANK GUN CREWMAN 610. My Dads name is not listed.Does anyone remember him or can tell me where these Battles were fought and there names. Was Rhineland part of the Bulge. My Dad was living in South Shore,SD,married with two small children when he got drafted. I was born when Dad was overseas. Thanks, Jim

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posted 2/28/2006 9:51:35 AM    Click here to view the profile for Ken  Click here to email Ken  edit/delete post  Reply w/Quote
Hi Jim,
I am a Legacy Member of the 12th Armored Division Association, at one time we were called 2nd Generation. I will try to answer your questions.

was the 17TH AMD INF BN ever part of 100TH INF DIV ?
The 17AIB was formed from the 2nd Battalion 56th Armored Infantry Regiment when the 12th AD was reorganized April of 43. I doubt it was part of the 100Th ID unless it was merged after the war and renamed. Do internet searches of the 100th ID.

what does ASR SCORE (2 SEPT. 45)187 mean? I am guessing on this one, but based on the date it could be the points needed to be shipped home or discharged.

Do you have a copy of your dad’s DD214 form? It will give a brief resume of his service. If not I can tell you how you may find one.

The MOS 610 is defined as an Anti Tank Gunner which is usually assigned to an Anti Tank [AT] Platoon. I don’t know if battalion HQ had AT platoons.

My understanding of the term Rhineland would be like defining a part of the U.S. as the mid-west, northeast etc. I do not know what area the Rhineland encompasses. It is a common misconception the 12TH AD was in the battle of the Bulge since it was ordered to move north when the Bulge started, but that order was cancelled.

Your dad’s name not listed. If you are referring to the “17,000 Members List” on this website, it may be because he was transferred in or out of the 12th before the war ended. This list is referred to at our museum, as the “Final Roster” which was complied when the war ended. I don’t know its accuracy.

I have a 2003 Association reunion roster, by unit which lists name, address, and phone numbers of those veterans who belonged to the association in 2003. If you have access to a fax machine I can fax a copy of the 17AIB and you can contact those who may have info about your dad. Keep in mind area codes may have changed and the veterans may have passed away. I have not tried to scan it to my hard drive; I don’t think the quality would be good. The other option if you give me your snail mail address I can copy it and send it to you.

Please read every page of our websites, a vast amount of info and photos have been posted there. More information can be found at our association website,

And since you live in MN please join us at our annual reunion in Minneapolis. Details are on the above website, you do not have to me a member to attend. It will be one of the greatest experiences of you life.

Regards, Ken Klinedinst

A Ostergaard
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Hello Jim,
The 17th AIB was not part of the 100th ID. It has always been part of the 12th AD. If the 100th is on your fathers discharge paper it may be because after hostilities ended and the 12th AD was deactivated, your father was probably transferred to the 100th ID to serve the remainder of his time overseas during the occupation. Or maybe he was transferred from the 100th ID to the 12th AD as a replacement during the war. Or vice versa.
An armored division had an assault gun platoon in the HQ Company of each tank battalion. The assault gun was an anti-tank weapon with a 105mm howitzer mounted on a medium tank chassis. I'm not sure if armored infantry battalions such as the 17th, were outfitted with assault guns, if so, maybe your father was a crewman on one.
My father was with the 23rd Tank Battalion, and they were in the same Combat Command with the 17th AIB.
Kind Regards, Alan Ostergaard

Jim Strutz
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From: Alexandria Mn.
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posted 3/26/2006 7:41:43 AM    Click here to view the profile for Jim Strutz  Click here to email Jim Strutz  edit/delete post  Reply w/Quote
My Dad(Bill Strutz) Arrived MTO Nov 26 1944.Departed MTO Jan 15, 1945 and arrived ETO Jan 16, 1945.On his Enlisted record it has HQ CO 17Th AMD INF BN, then 100Th INF DIV.. If it is listed this way, does that mean when DAd went overseas he was with the 17TH first, then later the 100Th Inf Div? I have spent many hours doing research and running off copies from The 12Th AMD DIV and 100TH INF DIV Web sites.It has been an exciting adventure!! On Jan 2,1945 the 12TH Amd Div was attached to the 100Th INF DIV. Reinforcements recrived in Jan,1945 totalled 13 Officers and 1,089 Enlisted men.Perhaps this is when Dad joined up with the 17TH.I am still working on the time frame of my Dad being with The 100TH INF DIV. as a replacement. Jim Strutz